Thursday, July 31, 2008


One of my primary sub-goals when I write is to avoid being blatantly offensive or vulgar. If a child somehow stumbles upon this website, I don't want the parents to have to answer any uncomfortable questions.

Which is why it is hilarious that my mom responded to my post from yesterday with the following quote:

"You have to be careful because if you run for president in 30 years the phrase butt snuggling may come back to haunt you." Moms are hilarious.

I can not imagine how on earth butt snuggling could come back to haunt me, unless she misread snuggling and replaced the 'n' with an 'm' - which is an entirely different thing altogether.


Alex said...

I feel like some "smuggling" joke should to be made about a pirate and his "booty."

But that could just be me.

Unless you really want this blog rated "ARRRRR!" (I apologize for that tacky sign off.)

Daniel J. said...

Holy Crap! I just left you about ten comments today all with substance. And about five comments ago I referred to your butt snuggling as butt smuggling and then read this and now I want to sue your mom for being so witty. Figure out the laws for that for me so I can do that. Thank you. Adio.