Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm a Serial Murderer

A weekend in northern Michigan initiates all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings. You know what else is warm and fuzzy (and by warm and fuzzy I mean dead and on my windshield)? The millions and millions of bugs that met their bug maker on my car while I drove back from up north on a humid evening at 10pm. When did they invent windshield wiper fluid and the corresponding jets that shoot the fluid onto the windshield? Furthermore, were these people inspired by exploding bugs? Many automotive inventions did originate here in Michigan, and I wouldn't be entirely surprised if someone told me this was the case. This is one of those things that I could easily find out through a bit of online research, but I'd rather pretend that exploding bugs were a source of world-changing inspiration. That'll teach those insects to exist.

While on the subject of bugs, several of my friends recently got together to celebrate the end of bachelor life for one of the guys. I've recently discovered that my friends enjoy suggesting additional subject matter for this blog (which I greatly appreciate), and at this event one of my friends suggested an idea for my burgeoning "Crazy Idea Series". I'm up for some pretty crazy ideas, but this concept mainly consisted of Michigan residents moving to a diet consisting primarily of insects. He then proceeded to prove to us (multiple times) that insect consumption would not result in immediate death - and I'll let you speculate on how he convinced us of this.* If I remember the plot of Jurassic Park correctly, I think he's pregnant with a Tyrannosaurus Rex baby.

*As an aside, he also spent most of the evening wearing a baseball batting helmet, so that may help to set the scene for his suggestion a bit better.

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Dave said...

No need to approve this but I don't like bugs so you must be talking about warren...haha