Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Girl from Florida

Tonight after softball (that's right, league champs), several of my teammates and their family and friends went to dinner at a local pizza establishment and general eatery in Troy called Shield's. This restaurant also happens to sponsor my softball team and our championship ways. A college friend of a friend named Sarah is visiting Michigan from Chicago and also joined us at dinner. Early in the meal, she mentioned that while she is originally from Florida, went to school in Notre Dame, and currently lives in Chicago, she is quite a big fan of Michigan and the Detroit area. In fact, when she was considering where she wanted to live post-college, her top two choices for geography were Chicago and Detroit. Back at the time when she was making this decision, some of her friends chided and teased her for even CONSIDERING moving to the metro-Detroit area.

First - to all those people who share a similar viewpoint based on no actual facts or life experience - shut your word hole. Unless you are speaking from life experience, I feel comfortable declaring that you have no idea what you are talking about and, like most people with whom I disagree, I would like to punch you in the face. Alternatively, we could sit down to tea and I could explain to you the errors in your assumptions and the extended detrimental effects of your fallacious negativity. I can not speak for Sarah, but your words may have had a profound and direct affect on her decision to not live in Michigan, thereby taking away one energetic and enthusiastic resident.

Second - Despite it being only one point of view from one person, it is incredibly uplifting to hear that a non-native with no particular ties to Michigan thinks this is a great place to be. Now if we could only figure out how to convince others to visit and experience many of the great things going on (I find it very difficult to avoid ending every sentence with a preposition. Sometimes I will need to resort to this grammatical error and you will somehow have to find a way to deal with it.)

Third - I typically enjoy sleeping slightly more when I am not faced directly toward Maureen. I think it is because I feel a little less warm when I am pointed away and I prefer to be cooler when I sleep. This sleep methodology typically results in some bum-to-bum touching, which Sarah coined as "butt snuggling". She declared a verbal copyright on the phrase butt snuggling, but I wanted to share it with the world for extended dissemination. Go forth and butt snuggle.

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Daniel J. said...

let me just say "butt smuggling or snuggling" so that you can sue me for libel and misuse of your girl's coined phrase. Ignorance is the path of least resistance and many choose this as a means of argument. They are the ones that are not even worth arguing with for any consignment will be obscure. Dig this, Detroit is an amazing city minus a few things as with any and every other big city nationwide. For this reason I will be practicing my Chinese/Buddhist medical practices in Canada somewhere faaar north or possibly British Columbia. Wagon's North. I love you Ken. Can you handle that. Adio.