Friday, July 11, 2008

Taking Root

As a result of shameless self-promotion on Facebook, a friend of mine from high school named James was kind enough to click on my link and also took a few minutes to read through this site. As usual, I was quite surprised and thankful that anyone took a minute to read my writings. More importantly and excitingly, James is affiliated with a group called DetroitIntern, and he is the moderator of their blog. He was kind enough to put a link on his website to me and encourage his readers to head my way because he felt my website was worthy of reading.

I am not trying to make money or become famous (though I'm already pretty close) through writing in this space. As I have stated previously, I, like James and his group, am trying to start a movement that reshapes and enhances the way that we look at, promote, and stand up for our state. James' organization is actually doing something tangible to improve the local situation by connecting potential employers with prospective employees - sounds like a great idea to me, with a more regional and personal focus than a Monster.Com or In the struggle to turn around a difficult situation, it is encouraging that there are others out there who also care enough to make a positive impact. If you are looking for a job or just want a better sense of some of the hidden opportunities in the Michigan area, please check out their website.

It is incredibly corny to actually write these words down and hurts my sense of manly pride, but if we don't force a change, nothing will ever be different.

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