Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to the Technology of 2007?

A couple of different people have mentioned to me that there are better ways to utilize Facebook for blog promotion than just me screaming over and over again on my status message "HEY, GO TO MY SITE." Thus far I have found this brute-force method to be decently successful, but not as...elegant as I might hope. Plus, it has the disadvantage of taking my shame level from a 9.8 to a full 10.0 as I keep trying to explicitly hock my writings. I don't mind being at a 10.0 on the shame scale, but I would be a little happier if I could get it back down to a 9.8. Dream big kids.

My main question to those of you kind enough to be reading this right now - do you think it makes sense to automatically update Facebook with a post every time I update my blog? The main thing that I dislike about this method is that it will almost certainly make it harder for me to track whether or not my general audience is growing via Google Analytics, and I do find that very useful information. I don't think I can get any sense of readership if someone reads the material on Facebook. I'll somehow need to figure out when daily visits drop to ZERO so I can euthanize the blog. Also, I don't know if YouTube or Hulu videos would transfer over to Facebook, and I really like having those available as they can truly make it look like I've done more than I have actually done. I win because I'm lazy, and you win because I've fooled you into thinking I've worked on something worthwhile.

Any comments or thoughts in this area would be greatly appreciated!


Nick said...

Mr Ken-

I've got a link to our blog in my facebook profile under "Website". It's mysterious and folks don't know what they're in for with a simple click of the mouse. I've shamelessly emailed family on numerous occasions with blog updates, too.

Daniel J. said...

You are a wise one. Use that wisdom. As I do, on facebook and myspace, I come right out and say "come to my site or die basically. You should continue on your path of righteousness. As you have seen some pretty decent traffic from this method. Be blunt; be stern; and be cautiously modest. From your long time good italian american friend. Adio.

Craig said...

you update your blog basically once a day. there is no real need to auto update facebook, if i were you, I'd keep the power of google analytics on your side.