Thursday, July 24, 2008

Take It From the Bottom

Why, hello. I did not notice you there. Thanks for dropping by. I will be away from my computer from Thursday to Saturday of this week and will thus be unavailable to respond to any urgent Michigan matters that may spring up, but I have put together some material that will be auto-posting over the next few days. I'm proud of these auto-efforts and the direction I think they are leading me in, and I really hope that you swing by to check those out as well. I've said it before and will say it many more times, but I'm very thankful to every individual who happens to come here to read my thoughts, and even more thankful to those who come back for more.

In the meantime and in addition to the auto-posts, I sincerely urge you, if you have some free time, to go to the very bottom of this website and read your way up to the present. Some of the things I write about are sincere, some are dumb, some are sincerely dumb, and I hope that all three of these viewpoints are realized by someone who might find themselves on this webpage. For example, someone could read my post from yesterday about eating 1.25 pounds of canned pineapple and not think I am serious about this blog, or someone else could read one of the heavier posts and think that the whole thing is boring. Maybe it is, but at least I can say that wasn't the goal.

Thank you for your time!

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Daniel J. said...

You are a smart individual. Therefore you are critical of yourself as I am. Heed this: anyone who reads this blog is probably more interested in your thoughts in general and inclined to respond to something that they can relate to. No one is a perfect blogger. Not even me at (if you don't mind me plugging my blog here) . I know you are an aspiring politician or politically-motivated at least. This is why you criticize yourself and your writings because politics breeds criticism. If you can harness your desire for being the greatest and moving up the ladder as politics endorses, you will not only feel great from the accomplishments, but you will have a great sense of personal fulfillment. Please stick with it as I know you will. Adio.