Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Let the Art-ing Commence!

Hopefully there will be more time to expand on this later when there are a few more free moments, but today marks the start of the 49th Annual Ann Arbor Art Fair. If you like Anns, Arbors, Arts, or Fairs, then you should try all four of these things put together into one. It is like the first time I ate a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup while watching television and surfing the internet. I called it "The First Annual Reese's Internetivision".

Ann Arbor is a rich and uniquely thriving environment in Michigan and for the next four days, its streets will be teeming with people from far and wide to enjoy the art fair. Fair warning - some of these people will be pretentious jerks, but most of them are just there to have a good time. These four days are marked by extensive artist exhibitions, performances, workshops, and the opportunity to enjoy many of the other attractions in the city (I recommend taking some time to stroll into Gallup Park and walk around the central lake/pond. This is also the first place I learned that geese hiss at you when they are angry). Ann Arbor is closer than you think or may remember - only about a 45 minute drive if you are close to I-696, 60 minutes if you live a bit more remotely.

It is incredibly easy to spend an entire day there, so remember when packing to keep your potato salad cold. You don't want to mess with potato salad that hasn't been properly refrigerated. No joke.


BobA said...

I think the numbers are not bad. Even without comments, more people are reading you opinions than most people communicate with in a month. I vote to keep going.

Ken said...

Just a clarification - Blogger got confused and this comment was meant to be associated with my prior post, and I have no idea how to correct it. If I had to blame one person for this mistake, it would almost certainly be Lindsay Lohan. That girl is just up to no good.

Tank said...

seeing as it is Art Fair time and 125 unique visitors may attend the Fair -- perhaps it would be time to unleash a review of places one should eat in Ann Arbor? Or at least the results of the famous Tour de Nacho?

Tank said...

blog owner approval of comments?!? You should let me comment without your approval, I believe that it is written in the first amendment that man should have freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of making comments to blogs. I swear its in there and if not I'll add it to the Wikipedia page for the First Amendment.