Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Crazy Idea #1 - The Gayest Place on Earth

It probably would not be a stretch to say that more than anything else, Michigan needs something to set itself apart from the rest of the riff-raff to drive job creation, population growth, and the corresponding increase in tax base that these two things would bring. Most states and countries struggle with these issues as they are two of the most important precursors to state success and profitability. Profitability is not exactly the proper word to use in this context, but the money is diverted back (in concept) into state programs, road and drain improvements, and state policing forces to ensure your security and mine. State programs include things like maintaining state parks, subsidizing the cost of higher education, providing legal aid, and even drivers' education. At this time, Michigan is struggling with these issues more than most states as a result of the rapid changes and globalization in the automobile industry. Something must be done to spur population growth and a change in perspective for potential residents and investors in the state economy. I do not claim to be a political scientist, but I would like to share some of my crazy ideas that may have some of the desired positive effects of job and population growth, and, just possibly, hear some of your unique ideas and feedback on mine. Thinking along the usual lines does not seem to be working, so it is time for some fresh perspective.

If I ever attempt to become a politician, it is precisely articles like this that may make it impossible for me to develop a successful career in that field. Alternatively, articles like this may be what set me apart as a unique and independent thinker who might actually be able to motivate change. I don't expect everyone to agree with me morally, socially, politically, or anything else, but the point here is original and unique ideas to set Michigan apart for long-term survival and success. With no further ado...

Crazy Idea #1 - Make Michigan the "Gayest Place on Earth"

If you have a TV, computer, radio, or same-sex significant other, you must be aware that California recently approved same-sex marriages. Instantly, California further cemented itself as the most progressive, forward-thinking state in the United States. Within a relatively short period of time, same-sex couples came pouring out of the woodwork to take advantage of their long-desired opportunity to marry the individuals they loved.

I say Michigan take this 10 steps further. First, legalize same-sex marriage in the state. The goal here is multi-fold. Michigan will become the Midwest gay living destination. The west coast and Northeast are generally considered progressive places, but the Midwest and South are not exactly known for their pro-gay attitudes. Studies claim that anywhere between 1%-10% of the US population is gay. 10% is way more people than 1%, but 1% of 300M (the approximate population of the US) is 3M people. That is an impressive number, and just think, the gay population can claim us as their chosen state of residence. So what else can we do to attract this group of people?

Second, develop additional programs that further encourage the gay influx. Homosexual adoption is a hot-button issue, but what if Michigan had a state-sponsored office that eases, assists, and possibly even expedites the adoption of children to gay families? People will leave places they are not considered equal and will go places where they are at least on par with equality.

Third, continue development of gay-friend enclaves in Detroit and the metro-Detroit area. Areas of cities like Ferndale are already moving in this direction, so why not continue this trend?

Fourth, and perhaps most importantly, continue to promote and educate the current Michigan population on the values of equality and treating others with respect. Those who are currently anti-gay (the Old Testament-types) can be tripped up on the many contradictions in the Bible with respect to how to treat others as well as the overarching state benefits, and the gay-blase (there should be an accent over the 'e' but I can't figure it out on this program) and the pro-gay have no reasons to feel negatively about this movement.

The world is a different place than it used to be, and it is time to consider some new ways to make things work. If this crazy idea would become reality, think of all the additional florists, bakery owners, softball players, and Broadway shows that would come to our state. I could be the mayor of Gayville and my gay cabinet could rule with a velvet hand stretching over the gayest stretch of roads in the world. Sorry - it is hard for me to be consistently serious without trying to occassionally break it up with some levity. But I do genuinely think that this is a good, albeit controversial, idea.


Maureen Brennan said...

I wouldn't mind being ruled by a velvet glove. That sounds pretty neat.

After watching a recent '30 Days' episode about a same-sex couple based in Ann Arbor with adopted children, I got more perspective about the epidemic of abandoned or neglected children in Michigan who are in need of a caring and nurturing home.

Do you know if same-sex partners are allowed to adopt in Michigan? It seemed like the couple in the show could, but I don't know if both partners have rights to the children or are legal guardians.

Peggy Brennan said...

I have always thought that the last bastion of prejudice and discrimination has rested with the issue of gay rights. I would be proud of my state if we could enact legislation to aid gay marriage and adoption. Think of how differently we would be viewed! Think of the support it would show for this significant portion of our country's population. I don't think this is a crazy idea at all.

Daniel J. said...

Hahaha. You had me at hello, or at least that ludicrous title. One can only imagine how much greater not just Michigan, but the entire world would be with liberal (not a bad thing; it means open-minded, adaptable, etc. for the republican audience) ideals such as "Gay-ization." Now I understand how the right wing feels. But, simply because it is downright abhorrent for a man to sodomize another man in my opinion, does not lead me to summon godly powers and dictate which direction a man's erection must travel. Sure, it's not following the "path of least resistance." (pause for laughs) Proof is in the pudding. Massachusetts and California have shown that this specific style of modernization is highly effective. California is one of the top economies in the US, and it's run by a bodybuilder. Maybe he had little effect, and this "gay" thing spurred a hell of a financial success. I'm no economist, but I do know that Michigan should be as liberal as any state because we are bringing up the rear economically. Now let's truly "bring up the rear" and invite gays with thick smiles and open ...well just open arms. I'm concerned about you, Ken, you are under suspicion...jk! Adio.

Roger Schutter said...

This would be a step backward.

Ken said...

I've decided that my goal is to be an equal-opportunity comment accepter (not actually a word), so I have no problems if people have opposing viewpoints and would like to submit these ideas in the comments section. Now that there seems to be a mildly opposing viewpoint from Roger, I can actually post an opposing viewpoint. I would be interested to hear more details as to why Roger thinks that opening up the doors of Michigan to more people is a step backward. I would argue that we continue to take steps backward right now, and we are currently stuck in a backward holding pattern.

Ken said...

Every time someone leaves a comment on this post, I get an email saying someone left a comment at "Crazy Idea #1 - The Gayest Place on Earth". I entertain myself way more than a reasonable amount, but just seeing the phrase "The Gayest Place on Earth" pop up over and over again makes me laugh out loud.