Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Part Shocked, One Part Hungry for Lunch

Maybe it is time for my cynical worldview to start to dissipate. Less than 5 minutes after the email that I sent to Forbes, I was amazed to receive this response from the article's author:

Mr. Agacinski:
Points well taken. Let me stress I don't live in New York or San Francisco. Understand that I wrote fast and made the wrong point.
The better one you might agree with: a lot of smart people have left Detroit and Michigan generally over the years for better economic opportunity. And with Michigan's decline (I have relatives from Milford who lived through turndown, my mother went to MSU) so has it reduced the number of top executives who might choose Detroit over other cities. I think this is problematic in that companies today are reliant on the people running them daily. With a lot of talent leaving Michigan (I'm sure some of your friends have), it will be harder to find the talent to turn around the autos.
So let me apologize for the tone of that sentence. It came out wrong. The rest of the article I stand by. I'm not for GM failing, but I am for it failing if it can only stay afloat on the backs of others.

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Dave said...

Showing that he shares a common bond here in Michigan, nice touch. Nice work Ken keep the responses coming.