Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is This Your Card?

Every day blogging is a new adventure. I just figured out that it is possible to publish a post when I am not actually at my computer. Magic. Another friend told me that I don't need to carry a cell phone around in a big leather bag anymore. When did that happen? What's next - bracelets that are straight and then when I slap them on my arm they somehow curl around my wrist? Unbelievable.

At this very moment, I have the good fortune to be traveling to beautiful Walloon Lake for a weekend with a subset of my family at a place called Michigania (formerly Camp Michigania, but the word Camp at some point was deemed not quite upscale enough). As a result, I will be unavailable to update the website prior to Monday. Clearly that excludes this post through the previously mentioned POWER OF MAGIC. Speaking of which, please enjoy this clip from Arrested Development (just give it a moment to load):

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