Thursday, July 10, 2008

And Finally

Aren't you enthralled by the email saga? I'm typically too bored to read my own emails, let alone other people's emails. I think you should read this and then his final response below. I guess I learned something from this whole process - writing a personal email maybe really does make some small difference. Wow (no sarcasm intended whatsoever).

Mr. Tamny,

Wow, first, let me say that I am shocked that you wrote back to me, and so quickly. Thank you very much for your additional thoughts. If you do not mind, I would like to post your response to my email on my Michigan-related blog at:

(you don't need the link, you're on the site right now!)

I guess my main point is that it is very hard for those of us who care to continue to deal with the non-stop negativity regarding our native industry. It is not as though these companies and their employees are actively attempting to fail. As you must be acutely aware, we have more than a few problems, and a prominent writer from Forbes seemingly-declaring "Hey GM, You're Going Down" can easily negate some of the good turnaround effort that my home team is actively pursuing.

Finally, you are certainly correct in saying that talent has left the state for greener pastures, and that depresses me to no end. Again, though, I would argue that in this area, media can drive perception as much as reality. I don't expect you to take back your words, but calling Detroit an economic mistake is imposing your negative point of view on any and all potential incoming talent. If I am considering moving somewhere and every media outlet refers to that place as a disaster area, that place is going to be instantly removed from my short list. Why not take a more measured approach to referring to cities or states? You do not wish GM to fail on their own merits, so why not also include that brief sentence in your thoughts? It would make more of a difference than you might think.

Again, thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing your viewpoints in the future.


And finally from him:

It was my pleasure to write back. You had a point. I wouldn't, however, worry too much about media perception. If Michigan turns out the old in favor of the new (look at Las Vegas - there are no sacred cows there and as a result, very low unemployment including lots of ex-Michiganders), entrepreneurs will return.
And by all means post my reply. Have a great day.

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