Thursday, July 17, 2008

Art vs. Baby Food

So apparently, there is another major Michigan festival going on this weekend that I have neglected to this point. Wait for it - The 18th Annual National Baby Food Festival. Apparently, this festival is in Fremont, MI. Google Maps informs me that Fremont is approximately one hour north of Grand Rapids, and further research indicates that Fremont is also the home of Gerber Products Co. The fun and games run through Saturday night.

If you're a fan of the country music, Lonestar is performing at the festival Friday evening at 8pm. A quick perusal of their website also highlights the following gems: "Gerber Life Insurance Baby Crawl", "Hula Hoop Contest", "State Farm Child Safety Seat Inspection", and "Pizza Hut Presents The Adult Baby Food Eating Contest ". What's not to like?

Throw your babies into the trunk or lash them to the roof rack and hit the road for Fremont. One thing to keep in mind - if you tie your baby to the roof rack it will probably reduce your mileage by 3-5 MPG, so the trunk may be your best bet.

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