Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome, Greedy

Today I am introducing my brand new marketing plan. This plan smacks of utter desperation, and I feel comfortable with this level of despair. I need you, person of above-average intellect and taste, to come here and read my blog. Because of this need, I will be hand-addressing an envelope and sending a $1 bill to the first person to leave a somewhat-pertinent comment anywhere on the blog. Just think of all of the things that you can buy with $1 - an apartment in NYC, one song from iTunes, one McChicken sandwich, 400 shares of GM stock, and my undying appreciation. I plan on saving diligently for the rest of my life so that I can periodically offer $1 to you with the same string attached - that being leave a comment somewhere.

While you're here, may I also recommend taking a few minutes to read through some of the other things that I've written? Yes, yes I can recommend that. You're not the boss of me. Here are some suggestions:

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Thanks for dropping by, and please consider coming back sometime soon.

(Small update: immediate family not allowed to win the massive prize of $1. My love and presence in their life is worth at least $10)


BobA said...

Although I just placed a comment on the article below, I hadn't read this offer, yet, so don't feel obliged to send me the money this time.

Peggy Brennan said...

Do I count as family if you haven't married Maureen yet?