Friday, December 5, 2008

Worst Entrance Ramp Ever

With only minimal exaggeration, I present to you the worst-conceived piece of traffic construction since the last time I was frustrated in traffic. This particular piece of earth is very close to Google's Mountain View headquarters near Stanford in California.

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Every day, traffic in this cluster of entrance and exit ramps is the most ridiculously chaotic thing you can imagine. If you are unaware, this area of California is a very crowded place, and most of the crowd is not blessed with the best of driving abilities. Yesterday, I was following someone driving straight down a main road, and then this person decided to entirely stop forward progress at a green light at an intersection. This person stayed stopped for an extended period of time, then decided that crossing the intersection on green was the best course of action. What was even more weird about this situation was that this kind of driving behavior in California did not surprise me.

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