Thursday, December 11, 2008

Warp 9 Point Awesome

Reading back over the past several posts, I have yet again had a heavy slant toward the negative and being an utter jerkstore. I hope that no one blames me too much - things feel pretty negative and ominous. It is then with great pride and nerdy excitement that I announce that I read that Star Trek: The Exhibition is coming to the Detroit Science Center (website appears to be down right now, hopefully working later) from February 14th-September 7th. This is great news for so many reasons, I can hardly count. Note that the first day of the exhibition is on Valentine's Day, and I really couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of my first date with Maureen. Our first date was something stupid like dinner at a romantic Italian restaurant, but I remember talking with her at that meal about how cool it would have been if we could have been at some sort of traveling Star Trek exhibit instead of getting to know each other over cannelloni. This is the exhibit's first stop in the Midwest, so it is great that the Detroit Science Center was able to procure the rights to host.

Some thoughts on Star Trek - I give my absolute highest recommendation in the Star Trek universe to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This show is not given as much respect as The Next Generation, but having seen every episode of both series multiple times (hell yeah), DS9 is a superior product. Ron D. Moore, the primary creative force behind the current version of Battlestar Galactica, also served as a major creative force in DS9 for the vast majority of its run on television. It was the first foray in the Star Trek world into a future that was complex and not so black and white. It dealt with some contemporary issues in a serious fashion like religious fanaticism, cultural genocide, war, Ferengi business associations, shape shifting, union formation, and genetic manipulation. It may sound stupid (we all know about the Ferengi but genetic manipulation is just ridiculous), but the show works brilliantly when taken as a whole. I choose Picard over Kirk, Troi was a waste of space, and I wish nothing but the best for the new movie. It is a little weird to live in a world with no new Star Trek property on television, and with some luck, maybe the movie can rekindle a whole new generation's interest in Trek.

I will absolutely attend this exhibit at some point, and I will make sure to take pictures, post about my experience, and be the happiest person in the world while I am there.

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