Friday, December 5, 2008

Do Not Worry, Fan

After reading this post, you may have been terrified that I, your friendly neighborhood internet-thing-writing guy, would be pulled under from the mighty media recession. Do not worry, no one pays me anything for anything, and yet, I continue to write. If the economic turmoil has the unfortunate effect of removing me from my actual job, you may just be lucky enough to have even more mundane thoughts to read right here. They will probably be depressing and a lamentation of the fact that I have nothing to do and that I am incredibly bored, but still, I will be writing. So go ahead, you can remove that sweat from your brow. I may not have the readership of Gawker, the cleverness of The Onion, the scoop-ability of Politico, the reader interest of Engadget, the pitching arm of Nolan Ryan, or the brains of an amoeba, but I do have the ability to type words interspersed with punctuation very quickly. Words? and punctuation--!! That skill, more than anything else, makes me unique.

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