Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Times for the "Good Times for the Repo Man" Story Writers

My finger is on the pulse of the American public, and that pulse is telling me that, financially, times are tough. People are losing their jobs left and right, housing values are falling like a hard, roundish, dark, heavy object from the earth, the most major stock market indexes have lost about 40% of their value from their peaks a little over one year ago, and rich people are taking less private jet flights than ever. However, one area of the economy that has picked up significantly from last year is that of people who write stories about Repo Men who are doing more repossessing than ever! A couple years ago, society had declared the golden goose of writing about repo men a dead opportunity, but it has really come back swinging. Technically, it's the Repo Men who are doing far more business than the people who are writing articles about them doing more business, but over the past several months, I feel like I've been inundated with people who thought they could put a lighter spin on everyone's pain and despair. "Think things are tough? Well Mr. Repo disagrees!" A quick search of Google News and the words "repo man economy" immediately brings up several articles written by people who think that this subject deserves story after story after story. I have also seen on television more than a few local and national news reports about how thriving the repo business is these days - a real growth opportunity.

This type of story reminds me of something they have done on The Simpsons several times with local newsman, Kent Brockman. They cut in to the TV with him saying something like "...Leaving thousands without left hands. Now on to the lighter side of the news..." and then he tells a story about a kitten who ate a set of keys or something like that. I am not a journalist and I can't get scoop on anything because all of my thoughts are about stories that have already been scooped and it is hard to break news when you spend almost all of your time in the basement, but this is one subject area that I would let pass, at least until everyone stops having all of their stuff repossessed.

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