Monday, December 1, 2008

A&E is Lucky

Last night, Steve and I were among the first people in the world to watch the first episode of an up-and-coming show called Mad Men, and I think it is safe to say that this show could really win some awards. What I don't understand is how A&E found this guy hosting Saturday Night Live, signed him to a contract, and then so quickly produced a television show with him as the main character of the show. I'm also not sure why he was hosting Saturday Night Live without anything in particular to promote, but I guess everyone caught a lucky break on this one.

Finally, I am not sure how all of these people from an insane asylum managed to get jobs in advertising on Madison Avenue. Were I hiring, I would have taken one quick look at the application, noticed that the candidate had spent some time in an asylum, and not given him a job as an executive at an advertising agency. The 50s were a crazy time and talent availability must have been thin.

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