Friday, December 26, 2008

Let's Hang

With Maureen on her way to Virginia, Steve in Ann Arbor for the evening, many of my friends scattered in the wind, and the balance of my family in Minnesota, I am sitting here alone in my long underwear post-run waiting for something so fun to come along I shan't be able to pass up the opportunity. With that in mind, what's going on world? Thanks to the joys of Facebook and my blog, I have increasingly started to comfortably reconnect with people from my earlier life. This has given me increasing motivation to continue socializing and interacting with people both inside and outside of my usual circle. Drop me a call, leave a comment, write an email, or send a telegraph so that I may be lucky enough to spend some time with you, whoever you may be.

I'll be more or less accessible until the evening of December 31st, at which point my life starts to get just a little bit busier. We can talk about Michigan, the holidays, the last X years that we have not been in contact, Diet Snapple, or whatever else may flit through our minds. Based on the lackluster response to my $1 offer for leaving a comment, I am not expecting much of a response, but it can't hurt (except my fragile feelings) to give it a go. Otherwise, I have a great backlog of Stargate SG-1 episodes to enjoy over some eggnog ice cream and tears.

(update: Maureen said that she thinks this post makes me look a little bit pathetic - perhaps a fair argument, but I have never indicated my goal wasn't to be pathetic, so everything could be going perfectly to plan. or something)


morjana said...

Stargate SG-1 dvd marathons are wonderful. You can do themes: humor driven episodes, Jack-centric episodes, etc.

Have fun!

Ken said...

I'm not sure if that is encouragement or an internet-based slap in the face. I see your picture is the 200th episode spectacular of SG-1, so you seem to be a fan, but possibly that indicates that SG-1 is far more interesting than spending time with me. Possible Bummer.

John said...

Do you watch House? I was turned onto it over the summer and have thoroughly enjoyed the marathon that went on yesterday and may or may not be happening tomorrow on USA (the advertisements of the timing of said marathon are confusing). I am also not one who believes that watching TV and being alone is pathetic... err, well it probably is pathetic if there is overindulgence of this activity but like everything else moderation rules.

Ken said...

John, I do watch House - big fan, actually. How many times do you think they've gone to commercial during a seizure? My guess is an average of once per episode, so that amounts to about 100-125 seizure commercials. They should start going to commercials at boring times, like have House walk into the men's room and then cut to commercial

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your holiday-season marathons. It's nice to know that other people are in the same TV-watching boat as I am. If we could harness the power of TV viewership and turn it into energy, we could make Michigan trillions.