Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old People are Tough and Dangerous

While growing up, I'd be all like "Hey old person, sucks to be old." Old people warned me that one day, a super powerful and rich old person would rise up and scam lots and lots of people out of $50B. "Just try it," I'd say, "cause if you do, I'll push you over and break your old person hip, then what'll you do with all that money?"

Well, it looks as though the old people have fulfilled their part of the threat as evidenced by the recent arrest of Bernard Madoff and his masterful ability to rip off life savings. Unfortunately, though, it appears as though I am going to fail on my part of the bargain. Here is a quick clip of Madoff heading into his apartment in a bit of a shoving-match with the paparazzi. This Madoff guy is 70-years-old. I would have thought he would go down in an instant from a shove. I am afraid that my best days of taunting the elderly are behind me, because all I really had in my arsenal was the broken hip thing. Now what am I supposed to threaten? Loud music and technology?

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