Friday, October 31, 2008

So That's the Problem

The news today is that 7.5 million homeowners are underwater with the largest percentage of underwater homes in Nevada and Michigan, followed by California and Florida. Well come on, of course that is going to be a problem. How would you expect anyone to be able to move into a home when the mortgage, and the home financed by that mortgage, are underwater? And who in the heck put the homes there? On top of all this, the article states that the homeowners themselves are underwater, so why was I not informed that humans can now breathe underwater?

Because I am so smart, I would have realized that putting a home underwater is not the best place for it to go if people hope to increase the value of their homes. We're always complaining about our state and federal leadership and I try to take a measured approach to these complaints, but I'm definitely on board with the complaining if they keep leading us to put our homes underwater. What's next? Our cars in volcanoes? Mayonnaise in the microwave? Obi-Wan Kenobi kissing Colonel Carter on the Enterprise while giving Baltar advice (hooray geeks! - if you can identify each of these characters we should hang out)?

As with most of the problems I solve, this one is simple. Vote Obama! I am convinced that he is the best candidate to manage the surging water levels and return our homes to above sea level. Plus, if Obama is President, people can continue to use witty negative catchwords and phrases like "NObama", and "Obamanation". The best one we have for McCain is "McCainiacs", and that one isn't even negative. What about "McSucksAlot"? Ha.

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