Monday, August 18, 2008

Movin' On...Over

For a few weeks now, I have been contemplating pushing my blog into the Facebook Notes application in the vain and likely failure of an effort to bring a few more people into the 'We Are of Michigan' blog fold. Blog fold somehow sounds inappropriate. I started running out of new phrases to encourage people to click on my link in the status message and only a few people a day actually click on the link in my status message, so maybe this will be a more effective and slightly less annoying method to increase readership. Will this work? Likely not, but there is no harm in trying. Maybe there could be harm in trying, but only if I injure my finger when I click on the "Publish Post" button or hit my head when I stand up to leave the computer.

So, for anyone reading this on Facebook right now - if you would like to see a slightly more aesthetically pleasing version of my efforts, please head on over to or first read this or this to understand what I'm about. If you do not care, which would also not surprise me, then I will exact the most extreme revenge upon you that I can possibly imagine - not reading your blog that doesn't exist. Take that, world.

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