Sunday, August 3, 2008

How Magnanimous

Does today's news of Barack Obama requesting that the Democratic National Committee seat all of Michigan's and Florida's democratic delegates at the National Convention ring extraordinarily hollow to anyone else? This is such a ridiculous declaration/request by Obama that I am stumbling for suitable analogies.

It's like telling a team of kindergartners that they can have as many other kindergartners on their team as they want in a basketball game against Shaquille O'Neal.

It's like me betting you today, in 2008, that the Tigers are going to win the 1984 World Series.

It's like I had the Gray's Sport's Almanac from Back to the Future II (and where are my freaking flying cars).

But mostly, it's like someone with a guaranteed victory attempting to appear gracious and generous by siding with irrelevant delegates (since the outcome of the convention is now pre-determined) to allow them their "full vote" in the convention. Where was this direct request to the Democratic National Committee several months ago when the actual Democratic nominee was still undetermined?

Politicians, of course, are going to play politics, and Barack's request is meant as a gesture of party unity. However, I am unfortunately forced to question whether or not this request would have been made had Barack's nomination not been locked-up prior to the convention. Pandering for the important electoral college votes of Michigan is important in this election, but this one is even too transparent for Transparent Pete (A fictional character that I made up during this sentence who is also displeased with Barack Obama. If I had to develop some exposition for Transparent Pete I would probably say that he is some sort of gullible ghost who leaves slime on walls when he floats through them. I guess he's kind of like a combination of Bill Cosby from Ghost Dad and Slimer from Ghostbusters).


Daniel J. said...

Well I have no real comment for this blogging; however, I would like to refer you to a credo mobile-sponsored initiative called pollworkers for democracy. It's volunteer work, but you are reimbursed monetarily. It's on Nov. 4th and you could work in the same district as I will. Make haste so as to get in as a pollworker for the general presidential elections. Let me know if you're interested, and I will immediately refer you to the necessary information. It would be nice to have a like-minded individual like yourself with me on that fateful day. Adio.

Dave said...

Will tapping into the oil reserves help to boost the Michigan economy or make it worse? I am interested in your thoughts.