Friday, August 8, 2008

Things I Learned Today #2

Dental hygiene is very important to me, but if you're ever squeezing the toothpaste tube and WAY more toothpaste ends up on the actual brush than you typically use, do not proceed with tooth brushery as usual. For starters, the excessive foaming of the toothpaste ends up everywhere; face, hands, clothes, floor, etc. Also, some of the excess toothpaste will inevitably find its way down your throat and into your stomach. Next, when you try to rinse your mouth when you're done, the leftover toothpaste in your mouth foams even more on contact with the water, so you have to waste even more water in the effort to get all the residual out. Your mouth will have an unpleasant tingle for far longer than you may hope, and, perhaps most importantly, you are just wasting toothpaste. They say "you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube", but those people have never tried a funnel and pneumatic pressure - like that device the guy used in No Country for Old Men but for the purposes of toothpaste good, not killing evil (I just wanted to figure out how to get in a plug for the movie so I could include the awesome trailer).


Daniel J. said...

Way to plug the greatest movie of the year. Oh, sorry, the greatest movie of the year was Super High Me, but No Country was a close second.

Ken said...

Some people may think that Dan accidentally included a typo in his comment, but no, there was actually a documentary this year called Super High Me. It is a relative of Super Size Me in that the main guy does do one thing every day straight for 30 days...your imagination can figure that thing out.