Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Earth is Round

In today's "I can't believe someone got a government grant for this" news, is reporting that "Researchers have found that regular jogging, or any consistent aerobic exercise, in middle age and late in life may reduce people's risk of disabilities and help them live longer and healthier."

Time is a tradition-rich and respected publication, but I can not believe that the results of this study actually made it to their website. What's more, I'm sure that these results are going to be all over the news and pop up on the internet over the next several days. This finding is right on par with other obvious quality findings such as:
  • Crashing your car into a wall increases your chances of death
  • Sun exposure increases the chances of sunburn
  • Reading this blog will give you the power to fly
I wonder why someone, somewhere did not stand up and say "instead of spending the money on this, why don't we put the money toward repairing our interstates, school systems, and homeless programs." We could use a little bit of that money on all three of these things, and many more, right here.

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