Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Sad Day for Deliciousness

Friday, August 15th 2008 marks the reported bankruptcy filing of Mrs. Fields cookies and the TCBY brand also owned by Mrs. Fields Famous Brands LLC. An open letter to Mrs. Fields:

Dear nonfictional cookie woman,
I did not find your cookies to be the best cookies in the world, and I also considered them relatively over-priced. However, you did know how to knock the cookie/cake hybrid out of the park and your cupcakes were not altogether terrible. My heart weeps for my friend Dave who truly loved his TCBY frozen yogurt mixed with M&Ms and Gummi Bears (I know, incredibly weird combination, but that is why I love Dave). When you are at the pearly gates of cookie heaven and the Cookie Monster is there to greet you, I hope you remember with pride that you did your part to help make America just a little bit fatter. We shall miss you. In the honored words of the greatest cookie enthusiast of all time -

'C' is for cookie, that's good enough for me. Oh Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookie starts with 'C'


Daniel J. said...

That was quite possibly the greatest letter ever written to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Mrs. Field's I can understand, but TCBY! How the hell did that happen? Keep up the good work. Never stop writing. Adio. P.S.And I'll keep you posted as to when I start blogging again.

Alex said...

i heard the cookie monster is now the "veggie" monster or something like that to promote good eating habits in kids.

however, whenever mentioned he prefers to be called "the monster formerly known as cookie."

Ken said...

Ha! Good one Alex. I give you a 9.7 on technical merit and 9.5 on execution. An excellent overall score.

Dave said...

M&M and Gummi Bears, everyone should try it!

Thanks for the shout out Kenny, I am just getting back up to speed on what I missed over the past couple of weeks.