Friday, August 8, 2008

Kwame - The Untold Suffering Masses

Yesterday I mentioned that it is very difficult to write about Kwame Kilpatrick and his affect on Michigan because it has all been said hundreds of times before, but I would not give up on trying to develop an original thought on the subject. I think I have done it!

To this point, I am fairly convinced that the public and the media have entirely ignored a huge group that is currently suffering from Kwame-related fallout on a near daily basis. Of course, I am talking about those who enjoy morning and afternoon television programming on the local affiliates of FOX, CBS, NBC, and/or ABC. Please allow me share with you a tale of woe, and it's all Kwame's fault...

For the past many years, I have been regularly TiVo'ing an artful and high class program called Days of Our Lives. In metro-Detroit, this program airs at 1pm in the afternoon on NBC. I don't have much of a good excuse for this act, but I can truthfully say that the only time I actually allow myself to watch the show is when I am performing my workout at the end of the day when my work is done. It's a perfect workout show because there is absolutely no need to closely follow the activities onscreen, and there is a 0% chance of the show making me laugh (which makes it impossible to lift something heavy). The solid quality narrative, though, helps continue to motivate my near-daily workout.

You can only imagine my discontent, then, when I turn on the TV at the end of the day for my routine and instead of the show I want being recorded, I am forced to view 8-hour-old breaking news of a Mike Cox press conference, another Kwame arraignment, or rehashed analysis of Kwame's mental state. This has been going on for months now.

I know exactly what you're thinking - why don't I just TiVo Days of Our Lives Today or Days of Our Lives Yesterday on the SoapNet network? Good question, but here is the problem with that idea. SoapNet recently introduced two original programs on their network, one called MVP and the other called General Hospital: Night Shift, and these shows just happen to run at the same time that the Days of Our Lives reruns would be on SoapNet. To make matters even more confusing, these other shows are only aired on Thursdays and Fridays, so it just becomes too much work to try to capture the variable schedule of the Days of Our Lives reruns.

Surely you are all touched by my tale of struggle and despair, but think of the other people in Michigan who sit down to watch their daily The Price is Right to instead be faced by more and more Kwame news. The madness must be stopped, and Bob Barker is the right person for the job. Beat that human interest story, Huel Perkins.


Joe Fisher said...

Can't you just use Tivo Season Pass for the episodes on SoapNet. Wouldn't this solve the problem?

Daniel J. said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I was half-expecting a rant about how much corruption and collusions with lowly people in high places went on with Kwame and his greatness. A very interesting perspective on how Days of Our Lives is conducive to your near-daily workouts. I'm glad that someone pointed out the fact that Kwame TV is overrated and destroying the midday viewers regular schedule. Adio.

Ken said...

Fair question Joe - I can use Season Pass for SoapNet, but the problem is those Thursday and Friday episodes that are preempted by the SoapNet original programming. In the instance that Breaking News happens on a Thursday or Friday, it becomes a bit harder to get those two days worth of shows, and so much happens in two days in soap opera world that it is nearly impossible to catch up. Ha.