Thursday, August 14, 2008

Something Clever Combining the Words Blog and Community

I spent forever trying to come up with some sort of a pun or joke or something for the title, but the words 'blog' and 'community' just do not go well together. I even tried to change the words themselves to cheat, but then I failed to come up with other comparable words. It is an evening of failure.

Late last week, Maureen directed me to another blog called Great Lakes Guru written and maintained by another Michigan enthusiast named Tim. I contacted him, he wrote me back, and now we are best blog-buddies united in our love of Michigan and boring you with our thoughts. In fact, he was kind enough to include me in his list of links and even directed some readers my way. That part of things is pretty exciting because I genuinely yearn for mass appeal in my goal to slowly change the mindsets of downtrodden former and current Michigan residents seeking some positive messages.

I highly recommend taking some time and reading through his website. It is pretty enjoyable and it somehow seems that we do not have very much overlap in our subject matter and we write in a pretty different voice. You may be thinking "why would I waste my time reading the recommended website of someone who's blog I don't like in the first place" and to you I respond "why have you read this far into the post if you don't like my blog anyway." You will say "because I was bored and wanted to catch grammatical errors and logical inconsistencies to belittle you" and I will say "starting a sentence with because is a grammatical error if it is not a dependent clause." Boom.

There is more than enough love to go around and you know that you are bored at work, so check out his writings. I think knowing that there are others who care as much as you and me makes it that much easier to keep going.


Steven said...

I'm just going to throw this word out there as an idea: Blogmmunity.


Ken said...

Not a bad idea - the thing I initially did not like about Blogmmunity is that I thought it either sounded like an immunity from the disease of blogging or immunity from prosecution for blog-related offenses. What about CoBlogIty?

TimChi said...

Thanks for the post - I think I might have missed you at the picnic today. Just read your email and realized your true identity.