Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not So Crazy

After reading this report on McCain, I am increasingly convinced that I could seriously run for president. I'm younger, more energetic, and arguably just slightly more handsome than John McCain. On top of that, I have both a broad and deep understanding of almost everything related to popular culture and can easily eat at least 15 White Castle burgers in a single sitting. Imagine the money I could save the country by doing away with the executive presidential chef and just eating Campbell Chunky Soup and White Castle burgers.

With respect to White Castle's, my brother always says, "if the meat they use is dog, the rest of the world just needs to figure out how to prepare dog better." So true.


Dave said...

Would you tell your soon to be wife to go compete to be a Buffalo Chip?

Ken said...

Um, I guess I would say that it depends Dave. What on earth is a Buffalo Chip? Isn't that poop or something? In that case - no. If a Buffalo Chip is something more glamorous like a fighter pilot, we would have to talk it over.

Dave said...

No it is the topless contest in South Dakota that McCain told his wife to enter.