Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Political Posturing and Us Not Being Dummies

This week I have spent a little bit of time watching the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado and the associated commentary on any one of the many possible channels commenting on the convention. There are a few things in particular that I did not know about Democrats and have now learned since watching coverage of the convention. Democrat women wear ridiculous hats and love to put an abundance of pins on those hats. Democrats are terrible dancers. Democrat men have an unnaturally high percentage of mustaches (many of them cool with twisty cartoon villain ends). Democrats are very effective at passing out different placards and signs. Joe Biden is a silver fox. Finally, they seem to have a problem with some guy named McCain.

What I'm actually wondering is would Michigan go McCain in the instance that McCain takes Romney to be his VP? Without trying to be too political, this would be a crazy reason to vote for McCain (or anyone) and I would be severely disappointed in Michigan's citizens if this turns out to be the case. Here are the reasons why this, specifically, would be a terrible reason to vote for McCain.

1) The Vice President has, in my limited and possibly false view, absolutely no power of worth and is pretty much entirely intended to shore up the credentials of a Presidential candidate (or, alternatively, get votes for the President in a much needed Michigan).
2) While Romney was born in Michigan and his father is a former governor, he moved away in 1965 (read: greater than 40 years) and has not been a resident since that time. Why would we throw our presidential loyalty to someone based on his Vice President - someone who has not shown loyalty to us?
3) The dude only graduated cum laude in his dual degree from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. I mean, come on. A trained monkey could at least make magna. You're slipping Romney.
4) Do we want to be viewed as that easily manipulated? It's like cheering crazily for some band because they said "Hello Detroit!" even though they are in Auburn Hills.
5) Have you seen that episode of South Park called "All About Mormons?" That's a funny TV show. I don't know why I thought of that right now. Good show.

If you choose to vote for McCain, please have other, much better, reasons than "Yeah Romney! You lived here once! Yeah!" Maybe he will pick Romney, maybe he won't pick Romney. Either way, watch that episode of South Park I linked to, which I am conveniently adding another link here just in case you missed the first one. Good show.

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