Monday, August 18, 2008

(W)righting a Disservice

On Thursday, I spent a little bit of time expanding on some of the pros and cons of the Woodward Dream Cruise that took place on Saturday. In reading back through my thoughts that day, I would definitely say that I put more emphasis on the negative than the positive. There are still several things about the cruise about which I am not a particularly big fan, but I failed to touch on one of the truly beautiful and positive elements of the event.

Since I have had more than enough experience with the Dream Cruise over the last many years of my life and I don't want to be bothered by the crowds and the traffic, I go out of my way to not involve myself as much as possible even though I live only about half-a-mile from Woodward. This sometimes include minimal time even going outside on the day so that I am not reminded by the news helicopters and the advertising airplanes. In the early afternoon on Saturday, my little puppy was extremely rambunctious and in dire need of a walk, so I gathered the energy to put on more clothes than my underwear and take her out for a few miles.

As we moved through my neighborhood, I was both excited and moved by the sheer quantity of people outdoors and enjoying each others' company. People were throwing backyard and driveway Dream Cruise parties, teens were walking around in packs, families were going on bike rides, large groups were assembled at the local park for activities, and everyone was there to mind their own business and just to have a good time. The Dream Cruise is more than a zillion cars packing a crowded road. It is a magnetic gathering event for the people of the state, a time to be outdoors with family and friends, and a day of celebrating - even when there might not be anything specific to celebrate.

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