Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Excuses, Excuses

As a friendly programming note, this week is quite busy (with periodic very limited internet access), so I may not be writing too much until the coming weekend. You should check every hour just to see if I have come up with something new to tickle your fancy, and use this opportunity to re-read everything that you already know and love about We Are Of Michigan. I spent last weekend up north with the family, came back late Monday night for work meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday and softball playoffs on Tuesday, and Wednesday I return to the great white north until Saturday. I do have occasional internet access to the north and only one thing about Kwame has pissed me off this week, so there is a chance that I'll have lots and lots of things to say over the next few days. Like I mentioned earlier, remember to check every hour just to be sure. Thanks for bearing with me over the next few days and if you have a problem with anything, suck on it, Trebek.

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