Monday, July 13, 2009

My Weekend and Why You Care

Good morning loyal acolytes, lost internet searches, and other general lovers of me. I don't know why you care, so the second part of the post title is a lie, but I can tell you a little bit about my weekend and why this weekend severely limited my ability to write anything during this period. It is not typical that I do write over the weekend, so I don't even really know what I'm talking about.

Saturday morning at about 6 am, I hopped in the van with my parents, Maureen, and the dogs, and we drove to mid-Minnesota. I had some chicken, went to sleep, woke up, held a baby over a big bowl of water, got back in the van, and then drove back to Michigan. Did you feel a chill from about 10 am on Saturday until 7 pm on Sunday? That's because I was out of the state. Minivans are so incredibly functional and versatile it is insane. Why is almost everything that is functional and versatile generally regarded as so uncool? Like the fanny-pack. Can't I have everything I need attached to my waist at once and still look cool doing it? I think people are just against convenience for some reason. It might also be that they're jealous that simply by looking down, I can have access to my wallet, phone, chap stick, deck of cards, sunglasses, Snickers bar, hair gel, mace, and extra clean pair of underwear.

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