Saturday, July 18, 2009

Time with Weirdos

One of the things I have definitely not been doing in my writing quest is trying to call out a few of the fun things going on in Michigan on any given day or weekend. I feel that you've been having so much fun this summer, that you haven't needed my guidance about where to go and what to do, so I am absolved of my shortcoming. Absolution!

While today (Saturday) is the last today and it started on Wednesday, if you have a little time on your free hands, you should definitely consider heading Ann Arbor-way to participate in this small annual event called the Ann Arbor Art Fair. It's got to be important if it has the domain The art fair in Ann Arbor is a great event for many reasons, but my favorite reason is all of the Ann Arbor weirdos and aspiring Ann Arbor weirdos who are out in force during the fair. I'm talking weirdos. Super weirdos. There are also some normal people out and about, but you can see normal people anywhere. Art fairs and renaissance festivals (two things I enjoy attending) are the best places to encounter the highest weirdo to square footage ratio across the land.

On another note, did you know that Biannual means both twice a year and once ever two years? Have I mentioned that before? Anyway, everytime I think about it I realize that this is CRAZY. Don't you think it's CRAZY? If you don't, then you must be CRAZY you CRAZY jerk. Get off my lawn.


Beth said...

We used to live in Tower Plaza back in A2, and the Art Fair would park itself right in front of the building. Uuuuggghhh. All those weirdos, breathing all my air, keeping me from getting my car to my apartment. Art Fair must be infinitely more fun if you don't live at Art Fair :P

AlexJD said...

Not a weirdo. I bought some of his hand-colored black and white prints of Detroit.

Ken said...

Weirdos breathing normal air is definitely a pain. We should have two different air sources to differentiate between normal and weirdo air. Maureen actually lives right off Main so she, too, almost literally lives in the art fair.

Alex, I think we saw some of those prints at the fair today. Did you buy them previously or this time around? I'm definitely interested in decorating our new place in Michigan-related pictures and paraphernalia.

el Presidente said...

Art Fair is just the City of Ann Arbor's big event to flaunt its power to prevent parking in the city. As if their overzealous, overly lengthy bagging of parking meters all over the city isn't bad enough already.

The weirdos weren't enough to make up for my parking/driving inconvenience the day before the art fair. I never knew how many streets the art fair occupied until I tried to park on all of them and was denied. But the woman with the fiery tribal goatee tattoo on her chin was kinda cool.

AlexJD said...

I bought them this time around. Little 8x10 matted prints.

-1940s shot of Detroit shoreline with old buildings and Boblo boats
-Spirit of Detroit in a Red Wings jersey
-Spirit of Detroit in a Tigers jersey
-Tiger's stadium aerial shot during the last game

I'm going to find a prime spot in the AA apartment to display my Detroit love. I'd have gotten more if I wasn't on a college budget.