Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vast MLB Conspiracy

Today at 4pm the voting ended for the Brandon Inge All Star game thing I wrote about a couple days ago, and Tank mentioned via comments that an individual could vote like 100 times for a person a day. I don't understand the "Vote all you can" plan like they do in American Idol. I think it is an advantage for people who have OCD and can take the time to vote 100 times for anything.

Right now I'm a little upset because leading up to the 4pm deadline today, I tried to vote for Inge several different times, and every time the website would not load correctly. This prevented me from throwing my support behind my goatee'd buddy today and I think this warrants investigation from the House Ways and Means Committee. How is Brandon Inge supposed to win if people in Michigan (I assume that everyone in the entire state encountered the exact same minor internet difficulty as me all day because I am 100% representative of the state) are prevented from voting by Major League Baseball? Maybe the MLB and all ISPs are in cahoots to screw Brandon Inge because they have something against goatees. I don't know, but I smell something suspicious. Whoops, maybe I'm still sick.

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BobA said...

Thanks to our efforts (mainly my seven votes) we put him over the top.