Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Who's Your Large Jungle Cat

The 2009 All-Star selections were recently announced, and three Detroit Tigers made the list. You're starting to fall apart a little bit at the seems right now, Tigers, but good job Justin Verlander, Curtis Granderson, and the greatest off-season acquisition in some time, Edwin Jackson. Edwin Jackson is a stud. One Tiger, my Tiger for the last several years, did not make the cut for the All Star game, but us Tigers fans have the opportunity to do something about this error. Brandon Inge is a part of this "vote for the last All Star" thing where the good people of America (and, I think, other countries too) celebrate democracy by picking the last American League and National League team members. Go here and place your vote for Brandon Inge, jerks.

Brandon Inge is the best combination 3rd baseman/goatee model in the major leagues. Sometimes when he makes a play, it makes me wish that I had the capability to grow a goatee. but then I realize that I am not an excellent third basemen and it again makes me sad that I can't grow facial hair. These are two of the many reasons why Brandon Inge is more of a man than I could possibly dream to be. It is with great sadness that I cannot find any readily available highlights videos for the guy, but you trust my opinion, don't you? He was with the Tigers during the darkest time (the amazing one hundred million loss season, which is doubly amazing because there are only 162 games in a season), the brightest time (the near World Series victory) in 2006, and the goatee-est times. If I ever meet Inge on the street, I will first ask him if I am allowed to give him a hug, and then, assuming he grants the necessary permission, I will hug him.

Vote Inge.


Tank said...

The Tigers are running a promotion with the Phillies, to vote for Shane Victorino for the additional National League All Star player -- in return Phillies fans will vote for Brandon Inge. They are calling it "vote Bran-Torino," which I think is very catchy.


Tank said...

also -- you can vote something like 100 times. In a row.

Go Bran-Torino X 100!

Dan A. said...

Late I know...but what's the only thing better than Anderson???