Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Well, Now I'm Disappointed

You may think I'm referring to Brandon Inge's ZERO home run performance at the Home Run Derby on Monday night after Michigan worked so hard to get the guy into the All Star Game, and that was certainly disappointing, but not what I'm referring to here. Also, you know I'm not referring to Edwin Jackson's 1-2-3 inning in the All Star Game, Curtis Granderson's game-winning triple in the eighth inning, or the otherwise flawless play of Justin Verlander (didn't make it into the game) and Brandon Inge (no balls hit to him) because all of these things worked out great for our Detroit Tigers. Perhaps you are a huge fan of my Tuesday night Royal Oak softball team and are already aware that I somehow went 0 for 3 with only one really well-hit ball - in a softball game. I mean, that's just embarrassing, but not the thing about which I'm disappointed.

I was just polishing off a recent exercise watching my standard go-to Days of Our Lives on the TiVo, and saw a commercial for a Sunday night movie that I may never have the opportunity to watch again. The show I was watching was recorded last week, so the movie slipped away from my grasp on Sunday night as I was driving home from Rochester, MN. This movie has two amazing things going for it and the world may never again see such a perfect pairing. First, the movie starred Shannon Doherty. I can't imagine a better lead for any TV movie. Second, and more importantly, the movie is called Satan's School for Girls. As far as I can tell and infer, the movie is about a school, primarily for girls, and Satan is a key component of the curriculum. There may or may not be witches involved, and these probably witches appear to be Satan supporters. I wrote a movie once, but it never attained the level of support and recognition I hoped for - this movie was called Gabriel's Latchkey for the Transgendered and was about the archangel Gabriel and his after school efforts to teach the transgendered about how to also eventually become archangels. I think the movie failed because I played all the roles, much like Eddie Murphy, and most of the text was lifted directly from episodes of The Simpsons. Writing a movie is hard.


Beth said...

This has nothing to do with this particular post... 'doh.

John and I just got back from visiting family back in the ol' mitten, and I have to say... I wanna go back to Michigan :) I'm a believer now. It probably won't happen any time soon, since we've got a lot goin' in Richmond. But Michigan definitely has its hooks in me.

Oh, and for funsies:

Ken said...

Hey Beth! Well, I know you and John have your Virginia thing going on and I'm very happy for you, but home will always welcome you back if the situation is right. Let me know when you're in town - I'd love to see the brand-spanking new family extensions.