Monday, July 6, 2009

Monica, Part 3

It feels right to touch on this subject just one more time because today marks the temporary end of this saga, and I think it really ended on a perfect note. At midnight tonight, Monica Conyers is officially out of the city council, and of course, she decided not to show up to work today. Really, though, would you have considered any other conclusion more fitting than the worst employee ever not going to work on her expected last day? It also seems to mark the end of my week-long battle with keeping food inside of me, and for most of that week I was very much losing that battle. I am not yet 100%, but I am feeling increasingly better and perhaps, just possibly, smarter, funnier, and more handsome than ever before. To celebrate this recovery, I am going to steal thousands of dollars from my company, travel around with two full time security guards, and then when I am finally caught and kicked out, skip my last day of work. July 7th is the true Independence Day - freedom from the craziest city council person you ever done see. Viva Michigan.


AlexJD said...

Viva Michigan.

Now there's a slogan for a fine Tim Allen narrated commercial.

Ken said...

Though I endeavor to never screw up, I occassionally use the wrong word or phrasing. For example, the third word of this post was "write" when it should have been "right." Gail, in her kindness, pointed out my error and I made the correction. Sometimes, bloggers will use strikethrough or something like that to keep the purity of their blog (for clarity, accountability, etc.). I'm just going to go in and make the change without any indication I made the change. I won't do this for anything else in the post - just grammatical and usage errors.

My softball team won 30-2 tonight. That was silly.

Gail said...

Even though I'm bothered when people make the you're/your and they're/ there/their mistakes, even I do it once in a while.