Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ways in Which I Have Failed You

So clearly my primary goal is this whole "Yay Michigan support your state" thing, and a big part of that is to advertise as many as possible of the fun, interesting, or hand-shaped things that take place here on a regular basis. Labor Day weekend, while the most ironically named holiday weekend, is full of formal and informal things to see and do, and I severely botched my responsibility to communicate some of these things to you. I made mention of the Belle Isle Grand Prix on Friday, but that only scratches the surface of activities in Michigan over the weekend. I feel a little bit bad that I did not do a better job with this, but at the same time, I would feel even worse if I spent alot of time writing about stuff, and that writing went unread. I performed a brief cost/benefit analysis, and the loser of the analysis was the internet. The saddest thing is that 30 years from now when someone thinks "I wonder what was going down Labor Day Weekend 2008 in Michigan and what did Ken think about those things?" there will be no way for that person to find out.

Here are some of the things this weekend that I did not talk about:

The Detroit Jazz Festival
The Michigan State Fair
Arts, Beats, and Eats
U of M's first home football game of the season
MSU's first away football game of the season
Steve and I eating our first pizza from Uncle Andy's pizza

I understand the desire to cram many of these different festivals and events into the extended Labor Day weekend, but I could definitely see some substantial benefit in some intra-regional cooperation and understanding and spreading out the events among separate weekends. People are always looking for something to do on the weekend, but most people won't be able to attend several different festivals or events in one weekend. It would be quite cool if Michigan had some different, major, worthwhile festival or event every weekend instead of all shoved into Labor Day weekend. When people think about summer in Michigan, on top of the water and sun and nature and Tigers baseball and lawn darts, they can think about all of the fun and diverse summer festivals almost every weekend in our energized state.

"Michigan - where there is so much crap to do it's hard to decide and you'll probably just watch TV instead."

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Dan A. said...

I often frequent (and enjoy) Uncle Andy's myself.