Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Calling the Rich and/or Geriatric (a.k.a Take that San Luis Obispo, California)

Lists are amazing. There is something intangible about them that draws the attention of the reader like a moth to a list. That is part of the reason why there are so many mundane, subjective lists at the very end of every calendar year such as "Best TV Shows of the Year", "People of the Year", and "Best Use of Frosting in 2008". Lists are also a device bloggers use to try to stir up some controversy, discussion, or just to grab a few more readers. I am not yet clever enough to come up with my own lists, but I am developing quite the skill to point to someone else's list and comment about it. It is like a lesser version of list development, without the creativity, thoughtfulness, or effort.

All of which brings me to yet another list that highlights a fine town in Michigan that CNN's money section has declared one of the 6 best places to retire for 2008. This city is St. Joseph, Michigan. Way to represent St. Joseph. Among other positives, the article mentions that "While lots of appealing little towns dot this 'Riviera of the Midwest,' St. Joseph - with its vibrant year-round community, topnotch medical care and proximity to Chicago - stands out." The article also mentions the very reasonable cost of property in the city as a great reason to spend your post-working years there.

The one main thing I don't like about the piece is what seems to be some sort of backhanded compliment. Specifically this statement: "Long, sandy beaches, clear blue water, brilliant Michigan? You bet." What is the writer going for with this introductory thought? Have they never been to Michigan? It would be like saying "Warm, humid weather, lots of oranges, and retirement communities Florida? You better believe it."

Anyway, I would like to use this opportunity as a call to old people everywhere. Please come and spend your retirement dollars in the great state of Michigan. Together we can ensure that Michigan has the highest volume of ribbon candy offered but not consumed per capita ratio in the world.


Anonymous said...

Ken, you look like Harrison Ford in your picture and you like michigan. There isn't much more that you can do to get my approval right off the bat....maybe saying that you love art and cats...but welcome, and best of luck with your blog!
Kristen C
(Tim's Friend)

dave said...

Are you kidding me, St. Joseph's is number 6...what about all the other cities up north??

Joseph Fisher said...

-1 for not including image of Grandpa Simpson.