Saturday, September 13, 2008

Things I Learned Today #4

The title of this post is deceptive, because I actually learned this four days ago and I don't have conclusive evidence that it is, in fact, true. But that's OK because as I have stated before, the truth isn't really that important on the internet.

Like many crotchety people over the age of  40 (even though I'm 26), I am increasingly confused by why an individual chooses to wear his pants somewhere from 6 inches to 2 feet below the actual waste line.  I don't really mind the style and don't find it remotely offensive, but I could never understand why someone would want to constrict his ability to move the knees independently of each other.  That reminds me of a good visual joke.  This is the perfect medium for such a joke.

Q:  What's this?
A:  A Polish person stealing a pair of shoes from KMart (it would be funny if you could see what I was doing when I said "What's this?")

For some reason, on the radio they were explaining the origin of this fashion, and apparently it is based on the fact that prisoners are not allowed to have belts while in prison, resulting in some pant-related downward slippage.  Because of this, wearing the pants low is an emulation of prisoners, and I guess provides some sort of prison cred to individuals who wear their pants low.  Fascinating stuff.  This is most interesting because it also explains why I walk around stabbing people - because that's how prisoners got into prison.  Everything is logical if you just take a second to think about and understand it.

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