Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Did Someone Get Paid for That?

Since I thought this was fairly ridiculous and the first time it has happened, it seemed like I should dedicate a few sentences to it. I'm always very excited when I get a comment from anyone about something that I have written (thanks again to anyone who's ever left a comment!), but today I got a comment from someone named "Samantha" who was trying to advertise something about subliminal thinking...or something. I do know someone named Samantha so I thought that maybe she had gone crazy and really, really wanted me to know about this type of thinking, so I checked out the provided link and conclusively determined that I had received my first comment-spam. Comment-spam schmomment-schmam.

In case anyone has ever been put off by the fact that I don't let comments slip through without approval first, this is truly the only reason why I have it set up so that I have to first approve of the comment before it shows up on the website. I have some better things to write about tomorrow (in fact, I've already written it but I must control my mind trickle to you for your own good to manage your addiction), but for now, let me leave you with another Mitch Hedberg quote.

"If you drink O'Douls, you don't drink. But if you drink 20 O'Douls in a half hour, then you're a f***ing non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholism is a problem too. And there are symptoms, like when you fall down, does it always hurt?"

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Nick said...

Saved by the buoyancy of citrus.

Bet you didn't think your comment section would turn into a Hedberg quote-a-thon.

That word verification doesn't use words. "kalwdv" is not a word.