Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tatum Bell, Master Thief

There's always something interesting happening somewhere. This story speaks to that fact.

The Detroit Lions start their regular season next weekend, and people around these parts are, as usual, cautiously optimistic about the 2008-2009 season. The thing that I am most optimistic about is that the Lions will continue to churn out these types of stories on a regular basis for the next several months.

Perhaps the biggest questions in the Lions' lineup is at running back. The expected starter for this year is named Kevin Smith out of the University of Southern Florida, and the backup (until yesterday) was Tatum Bell. Yesterday, the Lions signed a former Pro-Bowler named Rudi Johnson to a one year contract to likely be Smith's primary backup. The story becomes great when evidence (including surveillance video) indicates that Tatum Bell stole Johnson's bags from outside of president Matt Millen's office when Johnson was actually in the office about to sign his contract. Totally awesome. It also appears clear that this was not a "Welcome to the Lions" kind of prank, but rather an "I'm going to steal your stuff because you're taking my job" kind of prank.

I also want to make clear that at this point the story is only alleged, but I choose to believe that the news is 100% accurate because I'm pretty sure God also wants this story to be true. Go Lions!

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