Monday, September 22, 2008

Staying, Playing, and Kicking

Tonight is the second game (supposed to be third except the first game got rained out in the great Michigan Monsoon of 2008. Speaking of that weekend of storms, Maureen and I were driving back from Meijer on Saturday morning a couple weeks ago outside of Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor, and there were some poor students standing outside in the pouring rain attempting to convince drivers to take part in their "free" car wash. Visually it was one of the best things I've ever seen because these students were out there in the driving rain in ponchos jumping up and down with these soaked cardboard signs. I felt bad for the kids - when do you decide to give up on a car wash because it is raining harder and more consistently than in Michigan's entire history? That was a long aside, back to my main point...) in my team's kickball season. Kickball is entirely like you remember it from grade school, expect it is harder to kick the ball as far as you think you should be able to. Maybe that is because in grade school, the gyms were so tiny and any halfway decent kick made you feel like a stud. Perhaps the best part of the game is that you are allowed to hit the other team's base runners (below the neck) to get them out if they are off of a base. You should have seen my friend Jon wind up and crank this guy in the back last week. He got an "unsportsmanlike" warning, but it was definitely worth it.

Right now, if you are a young professional or just someone interested in participating in a wide variety of intramural sports leagues, I'd like to point your attention to the Stay and Play Social Club. I have played flag football, kickball, and volleyball in leagues organized by this organization, and have always had a really great time. There are divisions of varying competitiveness within each sports league, so almost anyone should be able to find a league at the appropriate (non) competitive level. They also organize events like Happy Hours and holiday parties to bring together all types of people.

I don't think it would be a stretch to say that groups like this are very important to the vitality and energy in an area, but unfortunately, many people are unaware that they even exist. If you're looking for social events, sports leagues, or other ways to enhance your social life and/or interconnectedness, look into the SPSC. I do have to warn you, though, that if my team plays you in volleyball, I will not hesitate to spike the ball into your face, and if we play you in kickball, Jon will crank you in the back with the great force of Thor.

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