Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wayne State University <3 s Breasts

Over the past couple of days, I have probably been a little bit too much on the negative side of building Michigan up by knocking other places down. This isn't entirely fair to other geographical areas, and everyone is allowed to be proud of the place in which they were born or choose to live. This is the easiest method to make me feel better, but others shouldn't have to feel worse toward this end.

In the effort of educating others on positive things going on in Michigan, I would like to draw your attention to a recent finding at the Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University in Detroit about a possible vaccine for certain types of breast cancer, and to prevent the recurrence of other types of breast cancer. This vaccine actually eliminated tumors in laboratory animals. That is pretty amazing! I'm not a boob scientist, but my understanding is that rats are injected with this vaccine, and then humans eat the rats to gain the rats superhuman powers. I don't think it is fair that rats can have superhuman powers and humans only get regularhuman powers, but that is the science of breasts I guess.

Wayne State is often under-respected when compared to other university and research institutes in Michigan, but maybe this finding can continue to change some of this perception. Wayne State is also a bit of an evolving and growing oasis, and I salute some of the work they have done in their portion of Detroit. On top of that, if this vaccine is proven effective and safe for actual humans, it has the potential to bring some serious bank to Wayne State and Detroit. They could either hold the patent or sell the patent based on liquidity needs, and money flowing into the state is a victory pretty much any way that you look at it. I don't know if Big Mastectomy (similar to Big Oil but with less of an impact on food prices) is going to be a fan of this possible vaccine, but I've always thought to myself "I don't really know if the world really wants a Big Mastectomy industry. That just seems offensive." Much like the phrase "boob scientist."

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Daniel J. said...

Still have no computer otherwise you'd never get rid of me on the comment board. I heard of this finding and they used mice actually because rats almost inevitably develop several types of cancer at some point in their miserable lives. They remind me of the jews because of their poor luck. (the plague). So, the point is when they run cancer tests on lab rats, it is based on rates of development of the tumor(s) among other things. They can't claim that a vaccine works, in essence, when testing on lab rats because of the potential effect of the other tumors on the specified tumor. So mice are the way to go. Boycott Ratatouille and Patton Oswalt!