Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Victory to the Strong

For all those fascinated by my developing kickball season, I am proud to announce that we won our game yesterday evening. Team Big Ten (or Team Big Ten + Carolyn as she refuses to outwardly acknowledge our Big Ten heritage) vanquished our mortal enemy of those other guys in a thrilling kick fight to the finish.

On top of our victory, I had a grand slam, triple, and two doubles. There are many things at which I am not so good, but kickball is not one of those things. I promptly returned home and pampered my kicking leg with the necessary steroid injection and ice bath to ensure successful kicking on into the future. I hear there is a lot of money to be had on the professional kickball circuit.

There aren't too many things that one can enjoy more than evening sports with friends on a beautiful late summer Michigan night.


Craig F. said...

you should have stopped at first on one of your doubles to kick for the cycle. In fact, I am pretty disappointed that you didn't.

Ken said...

You are correct, sir. The problem is that my final kick of the evening resulted in the ever-elusive triple, so it would have required significant foresight for me to stop at first on my second or third at bat instead of taking second when the game was still in doubt. I will always lament that I did not kick for the cycle, but as a good teammate, kickball can't be all about the personal glory - and there is a ton of glory to be had in kickball.