Thursday, September 11, 2008

Irony is a Dish Best Served with Applesauce

Part of trying to grow interest in my website is promotion. I only took one marketing class in college and that was not particularly difficult, but I did gather from the coursework that it is necessary to grow brand awareness in order for anyone to care about any product or service. I would consider this website both a product and a service - a product of my need to spill my thoughts and a service to all those looking for an alternative to Ambien.

As I've mentioned before, I have started to develop an internet friendship (the best and most sincere kind of friendship) with the author of the GreatLakesGuru blog, and we have agreed to periodically share our work with each other. This serves two purposes - first, we can hopefully capture some of the readers of the other person, and second, it enables each of us to be a little bit lazier by occasionally pooling our efforts. I mention this because in the near future, some of his thoughts will start to periodically crop up here, and also because my first guest post recently made its way to his website.

The funniest thing that I find about this process so far is that at this point, he has 400% more comments (seriously) about my article on his website than I do on my own blog. That is a little bit sad for me because it is some more empirical evidence that as hard as I try, it is incredibly difficult to convince people to take some of their time to be a reader of mine. However, I guess this is kind of the point of our sharing effort - to help make possible readers aware of the other person's existence.

I don't exactly know the purpose of this post. I guess I'm feeling a little bit sorry for myself and I'm hoping to gain a little bit more of the pity vote. Even more ironic - if you are the kind of person who read through this post, then I've already somehow convinced you to come here and I don't need to make you feel sorry for me. In that case, thanks again and I sincerely appreciate you.


Dave said...

Keep them coming, and buy a raffle ticket!

TimChi said...

Don't feel too bad. Those guys comment on all my posts. I can't even say that I pay them to do so - they just like to tease me.

Nick said...

Dude! That's gotta be Dave U of D super alumni guy. Shamelessly promoting HIS website and. What's with all this website self promotion?

The nerve of some people!

Peggy Brennan said...

Hi Ken,

Here's something to make you feel good. Wednesday was our first day working at the Green Garage ( We decided to take our little card table outside and have lunch watching the passers-by. Well, they watched us, too, and were incredibly friendly. So many people were asking about our project, and how they could help!

In addition, a film crew will be filming at the Victorian next door to our building next Monday and Tuesday, and are renting our place for their crew's lunch. We already have a customer!

So let's hear it for Detroit!

Dave said...

How about writing on TRAIL? I think they shouldn't stop at the New City Center they should continue it all the way north to Pontiac.

Alex said...

don't worry ken,

out of the 8 comments on that article the Guru posted... 3 of them were actually from the guru himself. (almost half... pretty much 3/8ths)