Thursday, September 4, 2008

Things I Learned Today #3

What's that, Michigan? You want a tech support tip that will save you somewhere between 0 and 5 seconds a day? Then do I have some magic for you!

Yesterday I somehow accidentally deleted my "Show Desktop" icon from my Quick Launch toolbar in Windows. This is a borderline disaster in my world because I often have upwards of 10 windows open at any time on my computer and I don't want to have to minimize every single window just to get to the desktop. After spending part of the day clicking minimize way too many times, I found out after a very tiny bit of looking that holding the windows button next to the space bar plus 'D' at the same time has the same effect as the "Show Desktop" icon.

I know that I just blew your pants off with that one. Tomorrow, stay tuned for exciting tips on how best to remove dirt stains from your clothes (hint: use soap).


Maureen said...

Sweetness! My colleague (and perhaps new BFF) Steve also taught me the magic of the scroll wheel the other day. Click a link with the scroll wheel and it pops up in a new tab. Click anywhere on a tab with the scroll wheel and it closes it. Presto!

Ken said...

By scroll wheel, are you referring to the scroll wheel on the mouse? If I'm using a laptop click pad, is there a corollary?

maureen said...

Yes - scroll wheel on the mouse. No corollary to the click pad so far as I know. I forgot that you're anti-mouse. :)

Daniel J. said...

This is awesome.