Monday, March 2, 2009

Building a Better Mousetrap

After reading this article in The Free Press this morning, it got me thinking just a little bit about how certain ingrained words and practices make us far less effective assassins because of tradition. Relative to this specific column, why do time bombs tick? I can't count the number of TV shows or movies I have seen in which the eventual explosion of a bomb was foiled because an individual identified that the bomb was, in fact, ticking. Why don't people say "like a silent time bomb" or perhaps "like a quiet explodie sort of device". Even when the bombs aren't ticking they're making some sort of beeping noise indicating a count like on 24, and that is just a dead giveaway. On that note, why do the bad guys even still refer to them as bombs? They should invent some sort of new and secret word that refers to a bomb but with no evidence that this is the case.

"I need to go put this lollipop in the parking garage." I'm just saying.

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AlexJD said...

all of that from an article about water mains... kudos.