Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bargains and Bargains

Now that St. Patrick's Day is done, I can safely say with 100% certainty that I did not see my favorite commercial on all of television this season - and I am incredibly disappointed. I wait all year long to see this one commercial and if it doesn't come, it's like a kid on Christmas who has been waiting to see his favorite Christmas commercial and it never comes on because Santa is dead. Yup, a tragedy and exactly like that. You know the commercial, and it goes a little something like this.

We've got......
Bargains and bargains and bargains and bargains
And bargains and bargains and bargains and bargains
And bargains and bargains and bargains and bargains
And bargains and bargains and bargains galore.

It's for ABC Warehouse, and it's not just a store. I'm never sure what ABC Warehouse's deal is. I don't think it's a local company, but from the quality of their Gordy commercials, I wouldn't be terribly surprised to find out that ABC Warehouse is run out of my next door neighbor's basement and the commercials are taped in their backyard. Either way, St. Patrick's day will never be the same until this commercial makes its triumphant return to the television plasma tube filled with LCDs. There are certain things that make a holiday special and worth remembering, and I will remember this St. Patrick's for all the wrong reasons, mostly because the commercial Santa is dead.


Dan Anderson said...

Are you watching enough tv?

I suggest you really reflect on this before you answer...

Ken said...

That's a fair question, which is why I confirmed the non-sighting with Steve before going forward with this huge scoop. If between the two of us we haven't seen something on TV, the odds are about 99% that it never aired.

BobA said...

Well, I did see (hear) it. In fact it was even on this morning (the 18th) and I mentioned to your mother that it was one of your favorite commercials. Keep listening. It may still appear today.